Souls of the Unknown
Greetings, young traveler! Looks like you've stumbled upon our little slice of heaven here in Sotu. Don't worry, we already know what you are, you're not like those common humans, you're something more. As fellow creatures, we welcome you. There's other around here just like you and I, many of us actually. We are right under your nose. But shh... Don't give us away now, we really don't need humans finding out. It's our little secret...

Welcome to Sotu v.2! An all level supernatural creature role play taking place in a haven built just for the supernatural though we coexist secretly with mortals. 100 years ago, war plagued our once beautiful home, turning everything upside down till nothing but rubble and bodies remained. Life had seemed cease... The four clans, exhausted and thin in numbers, had finally given up and declared a truce between themselves, vowing never to go to a war so deadly as before, to make sure that their one and only home flourished once more.

And now, Sotu has done just that, expanding far past it's original borders and returning to it's once majestic state. Mortals have since migrated here as well, providing an adequate food supply and excellent cover for those returning to their human forms. Life has returned normal for most though old blood still has yet to allow ancient grudges grow.

Its up to you where we go from here. Keep the peace, or bring war back to our lands...
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Jadeyn. [WIP]

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Post by Jadeyn on March 5th 2015, 8:52 pm

Jadeyn. [WIP] Tumblr_mao9kfrCyT1rhp0mno1_500

Name: Jadeyn.
Technical Age: Around 18,000 years old.
Appears: 18.
Gender: Female
Race: Demon. [Charonte Demon, to be exact.]
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Jadeyn. [WIP] W2oz14

Character Description: Jadeyn's appearance is hard to pin-point because it is constantly changing. One of her many talents is the ability to alter her appearance as she sees fit; she can change her hair color and her eye-color at will. Jadeyn is almost always seen with long, jet black hair, which is normally streaked with vibrant reds or blues or greens. Her eyes are almost always their natural, eerie silver color, but sometimes she likes to switch it up with blue eyes or red eyes and her favorite; black eyes.

Jadeyn. [WIP] Tumblr_mcbsndquHQ1qhz3hpo1_500

Character Personality: When it comes to Jadeyn's personality, she can be quite unpredictable. Despite the fact that she is a demon, Jadeyn can almost always be found with a smile and a rather upbeat attitude. And although she is over 18,000 years old, Jadeyn acts as if she's a teenager; Charonte Demons mature slowly. She is very eccentric, with a few cute little quirks that most people learn to love. Jadeyn can be a total sweetheart when she wants to be. And if you're lucky enough to be considered her friend or family, there is nothing she won't do for you. If you catch her on a bad day, however, or if she just doesn't like you, you'll know exactly why looks can be deceiving. Jadeyn has a bite that is definitely worse than her bark, and she isn't afraid to show it.

Jadeyn. [WIP] Tumblr_m13hcdBukq1r91ac6

Backstory: -to be updated-


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