Souls of the Unknown
Greetings, young traveler! Looks like you've stumbled upon our little slice of heaven here in Sotu. Don't worry, we already know what you are, you're not like those common humans, you're something more. As fellow creatures, we welcome you. There's other around here just like you and I, many of us actually. We are right under your nose. But shh... Don't give us away now, we really don't need humans finding out. It's our little secret...

Welcome to Sotu v.2! An all level supernatural creature role play taking place in a haven built just for the supernatural though we coexist secretly with mortals. 100 years ago, war plagued our once beautiful home, turning everything upside down till nothing but rubble and bodies remained. Life had seemed cease... The four clans, exhausted and thin in numbers, had finally given up and declared a truce between themselves, vowing never to go to a war so deadly as before, to make sure that their one and only home flourished once more.

And now, Sotu has done just that, expanding far past it's original borders and returning to it's once majestic state. Mortals have since migrated here as well, providing an adequate food supply and excellent cover for those returning to their human forms. Life has returned normal for most though old blood still has yet to allow ancient grudges grow.

Its up to you where we go from here. Keep the peace, or bring war back to our lands...

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Kai Diabo Salvatore [Demon]

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Kai Diabo Salvatore [Demon]

Post by Kai Salvatore on July 18th 2014, 4:25 pm

+ Character Name: Kai Diablo Salvatore
+Age: Born when hell was created.
+Gender: Male.
+Race: Demon. [Has two powers; Death Inducement(User can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing certain ritual.), Disintegration(The power to collapse objects into dust.]
+Sexuality: Pansexual.
+Key phrase: Seen by Sammeh
+Character Description - Kai is described as devilishly handsome. No pun intended. He has pale green eyes, a smooth ivory complexion, and literally no scars. His silken black locks of hair are irresistable, commonly getting felt by even strangers in the mall. Maybe it's because it has a slight blue tint to it, or it just looks so soft. His eyes, however... Those are the most captivating part of him. The way they peer at you... They make your knees go weak, your heart skipping a beat if he even glances your way. He has this mysterious aura that keeps everyone wondering.
+Character Personality: The dark triad is a group of three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The use of the term "dark" reflects the perception that these traits have interpersonally aversive qualities:
Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy.
Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception. You can honestly describe Kai as a sadist.
+Back Story: Kai was created by Hades himself, as a greater demon. Kai was raised by Hades, somewhat as a child. When Kai was old enough, he carried out death sentences with the Three Fates after he had discovered his own unique powers. Hades gave Kai a pet on his twentieth birthday, and that pet was a werewolf. Kai thought that love was impossible, but as he grew around the female counterpart, he learned to accept the feelings he was having for that pet of his. Of course, Hades didn't approve, which resulted in them fighting, and Kai being banished into the moral world to provide for himself.
It had been slightly hard for Kai to adjust, but he soon learned that he wasn't the only supernatural creature on the planet. As he became older, he learned to control his abilities further, and without complication. He met two vampires and their sister, a werewolf, who took him off of the streets and into their small home, feeding him and training him for life.
+Please include a photo:
+Example Post: Sometimes, friends are all you have in the rough times.
But sometimes, you can't even count on that one friend too be their for you when you really need it. You've been there for them through all the crap that went wrong, and they suddenly bail on you like you're nothing. Funny what new people do to that relationship. I sat in the classroom, picking at an hangnail when Raven sat next to me, rubbing her bandaged knuckles tenderly. She looked over at me, sorrow masking her true emotions.
"Simon, I'm sorry." She whispered, placing her hand on my own.
"It's whatever." I returned, retracting my arm and placing it between my legs, fiddling with a loose string.
"Please.. I really do care for you. You're like my little gay brother." She laughed, and punched my bicep.
"Uh huh." I muttered, gathering my belongings and shifting out of my seat. Sitting by the window, I saw Eddie glance over at me. How badly I wanted to hit him for taking the only girl in my life away just by walking into the school. Literally.
"Alright class. I'm Mrs. Williams, your new English teacher. I would like you all to introduce yourselves to the rest of the class." My mom announced, her blonde hair shimmering in the light. I didn't know my dad, which I guess was for the best. My mom taught me all I needed to know, and her brother was basically the father figure in my life... Her eyes drifted down the rows of kids, and she pointed at Eddie. "You first, darling." She grinned, her teeth gleaming. Eddie hesitated slightly before nodding and standing. "I'm Eddie Redmayne.. I transferred from Romania; My mother is Irish, and my father is American. I was born in Italy, and we all wanted to go to the land of vampires and werewolves." He chuckled. "I guess, that followed us here." He stated, raking a hand through his fiery hair. I glanced over at Raven, who was listening, but doodling on a notepad.
"Next." My mom said, pointing at me. Coughing awkwardly, I stood. "Hey, I'm Simon Williams. I was born here, in Edgewood. I'm really nothing special, I guess." I sighed, and sat on my desk. "Lemme tell you all something. I've been experiencing heartbreak for a little while. I hung on every word she said, and then it was like I was nothing when she saw some other guy. If you want to know how heartbreak feels... It's like your heart being torn to pieces, and then being set on fire. Dipped in poison. It's like you can see the person doing it to you." I ended, my eyes trained on Raven the entire time I spoke. I heard a few awws, and a few quiet sobs. "I don't know how to feel with these waves crashing over my head. If she would just look at the true me, this darkness would turn to light." I whispered softly, my heart sinking to the ground as my mother looked over at me. "Simon, you're excused for the rest of the period and next period. I'll let Mr. Hiilsmeier know that." My mom said, and I nodded, leaving my stuff at the desk.
Leaning over the edge of the railing, I swallowed my courage and sank to the ground. I had a broken heart that was still beating. It was weak. Leaning my head against the cool metal of the wall, I looked over at the weight lifting guys that paid me no attention. As far as they were concerned, I wasn't here. As far as I was concerned, I wouldn't get over Raven. I never would. Even though she clearly chose someone else over me. I'm barely holding onto her, hanging on another day just to see why she was thrown my way.
Shrugging out of my shirt, I laid myself down beneath the bar and shifted a bit before wrapping my fingers around the cool iron bar, the weights on each side more than I could handle normally. But with a broken heart, you can't feel anything. Inhaling deeply, I pushed the bar up and let it fall to my chest before pushing back up. I repeated this cycle until my arms felt like jello, and when the bar came down again, it landed on my chest with a force of 260 lbs.
"Simon! Simon?!" A voice called out, and I could feel the ground moving out from under me. "Please, lady. Step away from the gurney." The person said, and I flinched. Opening my eyes, I tried to sit forward, but I felt a stabbing pain in my midsection and around my lungs. Gasping in pain, I fell back onto the padded cloth of gurney. "Simon!" I heard Raven's voice ring out, and my heart broken into a million pieces when I saw Eddie's arms wrapped around her shaking body, her face buried in his chest. I was lifted into the ambulance, and the last thing I saw was the gentle kiss exchanged between them.
I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing. With a broken heart that's still beating.
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Re: Kai Diabo Salvatore [Demon]

Post by Samantha Deadwood on July 18th 2014, 4:57 pm


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