Souls of the Unknown
Greetings, young traveler! Looks like you've stumbled upon our little slice of heaven here in Sotu. Don't worry, we already know what you are, you're not like those common humans, you're something more. As fellow creatures, we welcome you. There's other around here just like you and I, many of us actually. We are right under your nose. But shh... Don't give us away now, we really don't need humans finding out. It's our little secret...

Welcome to Sotu v.2! An all level supernatural creature role play taking place in a haven built just for the supernatural though we coexist secretly with mortals. 100 years ago, war plagued our once beautiful home, turning everything upside down till nothing but rubble and bodies remained. Life had seemed cease... The four clans, exhausted and thin in numbers, had finally given up and declared a truce between themselves, vowing never to go to a war so deadly as before, to make sure that their one and only home flourished once more.

And now, Sotu has done just that, expanding far past it's original borders and returning to it's once majestic state. Mortals have since migrated here as well, providing an adequate food supply and excellent cover for those returning to their human forms. Life has returned normal for most though old blood still has yet to allow ancient grudges grow.

Its up to you where we go from here. Keep the peace, or bring war back to our lands...
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Summer Festival!

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Summer Festival! Empty Summer Festival!

Post by Avery Deadwood on June 25th 2014, 11:50 pm

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Don't be shy. Step right up! To SOTU's annual Summer Festival! This is a place for any and all creatures to mingle. There's games, rides, and plenty of old-fashioned fun. Think of the boardwalk, but better. Your local fair, but bigger. The carnival, but more thrilling. The event is an all-summer-long blast! Feel free to jump right in and join the celebration.
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Summer Festival! Empty Re: Summer Festival!

Post by Madeline Deadwood on July 1st 2014, 12:22 pm

The young werewolf walked slowly through the crowd, her eyes lit up with excitement as they took in the Summer Festival. Carnivals and fairs had always been two of Mattie’s favorite summer events. There was just something about the vibe that seemed to charge the air like electricity. Children ran around, going from ride to ride without a care in the world. Teenagers scurried around, looking for any sort of thrill that a rollercoaster or haunted house could provide. And then there were the adults, who walked around and supervised everything, joking and watching their children happily. Not to mention the shows, like the circus and magic acts. And then there was all of the yummy fair food; pizza, deep fried Oreos, candy apples. There was just something about all of it that Mattie loved. SOTU was a great place, filled with great people and great fun.

“Step right up and try your hand at the Strong-Man contest!” A loud, booming voice that belonged to one of the carnies reached Mattie’s ears. Curiously, her eyes turned in the direction of a game that she knew all too well. The objective was to take a large sledgehammer and hit it against a plate at the base of the game. Once you hit it, there was a little flag that soared upwards, depending on the force of the blow. Each level earned you a different prize. The higher the flag went, the better the prize. ”How about you, little miss?” The man called out, beckoning Mattie forward. With a smile, she walked over to him and picked up the hammer. Bringing it back behind her head, she took a deep breath and then slammed it downwards, and into the metal plate.

Mattie watched as the flag soared towards the bell at the top, causing it to ring out loudly. The man working the game looked at her with wide eyes, clearly impressed and bewildered. He just pointed towards all of the prizes, telling her to have her pick. ”Thank you.” Mattie said politely, with a grin. She picked up a stuffed animal and cuddled it against her as she smiled at the man and moved away from the game. Looking down, she realized that it was a cute little stuffed wolf that she had grabbed; how funny. Holding the little wolf close, Mattie continued to wander around the Summer Festival with a light heart and a big grin.
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