Souls of the Unknown
Greetings, young traveler! Looks like you've stumbled upon our little slice of heaven here in Sotu. Don't worry, we already know what you are, you're not like those common humans, you're something more. As fellow creatures, we welcome you. There's other around here just like you and I, many of us actually. We are right under your nose. But shh... Don't give us away now, we really don't need humans finding out. It's our little secret...

Welcome to Sotu v.2! An all level supernatural creature role play taking place in a haven built just for the supernatural though we coexist secretly with mortals. 100 years ago, war plagued our once beautiful home, turning everything upside down till nothing but rubble and bodies remained. Life had seemed cease... The four clans, exhausted and thin in numbers, had finally given up and declared a truce between themselves, vowing never to go to a war so deadly as before, to make sure that their one and only home flourished once more.

And now, Sotu has done just that, expanding far past it's original borders and returning to it's once majestic state. Mortals have since migrated here as well, providing an adequate food supply and excellent cover for those returning to their human forms. Life has returned normal for most though old blood still has yet to allow ancient grudges grow.

Its up to you where we go from here. Keep the peace, or bring war back to our lands...

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Silas Malvagio - WIP

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Silas Malvagio - WIP

Post by Silas Malvagio on December 17th 2013, 10:35 am

+ Character Name: Silas Claude Malvagio
+Age: 19
+Gender: Male
+Race: Vampire
+Sexuality: Closet Bi

-To Be Updated-

+Character Description - Silas resembles mostly his father as far as looks and body structure go, devilishly handsome features just like Sebastian as well as his towering height, he's one hell of a good looking lad though tends to be quite modest about it. He is paler than a common human, not by much. Silas stands much taller than his little sister, 5'11'' which puts him a few inches under his father. Now, hair and eye color, neither of his parents know how he ended up with dark brown locks and chocolate colored orbs, but he did. Sebastian couldn't deny that Silas was his son and didn't think anything of it.

+Character Personality - It would be rare to see him anywhere without his nose in a book or away from his laptop as he has an addiction for writing various fan-fictions from animes to Harry Potter. So yes, this pretty boy is a pretty big nerd. He is a quiet and well reserved individual but isn't shy to say the least, if engaged in a conversation he can hold it but will hint around that he'd rather get back to whatever he was doing. Though don't let Silas fool you, he is a strong and capable vampire that will not hesitate to end lives if it comes down to it, just like the rest of his family he despises the werewolves. Killing them is another hobby of his thanks to Sebastian who pushed him into training early in life.
The quiet ones, you really do need to keep your eye on.

+Back Story - His childhood was completely normal for the most part, excluding the need to feast on blood, but he was just like any child; boisterous, energetic, a little trouble here and there, but he was happy. Silas was innocent and unknowing to the dangers that were out there in the world, he did not know about his father's 'business' or even what a werewolf was. Unfortunately for him, he found out the hard way. He was only about five, five and a half, when he decided to do some exploring of the castle while his parents were still asleep. They had always told him to stay far away from the dungeon and to never ever go down there, curiosity peaked in him and like all kids, what did he do? Silas went right on down there.

Can shift into:
Golden Tiger cub

Black Lion

Silas Malvagio

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